nirvana kennels

BULLDOG my brave heart dog. Its very hard to tell what they are thinking because we can judge dog’s behaviour by their tails and bulldog don’t have that, i mean they have but very tiny so its difficult to judge their reaction.Bulldogs are basically gangsta kindoff dog,they love their land like MEL GIBSON or you can say like MANOJ KUMAR. When you walk with bulldog you will feel like you are walking with a wrestler,when they play they run madly can crash anywhere.Their face is like hippopotamus huge and powerful.
If you are thinking to buy this dog or adopting this breed, remember that they are fine with other animals but when it comes to share their owner then they can create a trouble for you as well as for other animals. I recommend this breed for experienced dog owner, but if you think that this breed is your favourite breed and you don’t have much experience with dogs,then you should know some points
like they gonna give you the love and the memories for the lifetime and the problem is maximum of the bulldog owners pamper their dogs and then search for the trainers.

Mr.Prateek Kashyap +91 9873677387
Nirvana kennels
Dog Behaviour Specialist
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