Rottweiler is a brave and powerful dog, specially used for guarding. Rottweilers are very loving dog and caring too,they love to play and walk. Rottweiler is very intelligent they can sense the -tive and +tive energy spoiled Rottweiler can be dangerous for children as-well-as for other, they are like SPARTANS they fight for everything, for controlling a Rottweiler you have to give them proper mental as-well-as physical exercise. If you are planing for this you should have proper graduation on this breed before buying this breed always check for the parents their temperament their health etc. Rottweiler is not internally very strong, pioneer says that all the black tan coloured breeds are prone to many diseases such as parvo and distemper, personally i also experienced the same. I used to have 6 Rottweiler and they never tried to bite me i also feel that maximum owners 1st spoil their dogs and then they search for the articals on dog training, if you are planing for a Rottweiler and you don’t have for a walk and for the exercise in that case you should go for a plastic dog instead of spoiling Rottweiler.If you are really want to have this breed then you should have atleast 1hr for your pet or hire a genuine trainer.

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Nirvana kennels
Dog Behaviour Specialist
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