Dog Boarding or doggie daycare

There is no doubt that doggie daycare has become an extremely popular service. Because dogs are social animals, leaving them home during the day can cause problems. Young pups often experience separation anxiety, and owners experience frustration and guilt. Sending your dog to doggie day care can be a good solution. But, just like any other service, not all doggy daycare providers are the same. Some have facilities, while others take your dog on hikes, to the beach or on other types of field trips. We hope we can help you make a good choice for you and your dog.

I know this article is lengthy. However, after 20+ years in this business we have seen the good and the bad that doggie daycare has to offer. I encourage you to read it all and follow as many suggestions as you can. I promise you, if you spend a little bit of time now to find the right doggie daycare provider for you and your dog, you will be glad you did. Your dog will thank you too!

It is a great idea to interview the daycare provider. (I know this seems logical, but knowing what questions to ask can be very important.)

* How long have you been in business?
* Where does my dog go all day?
* How is my dog transported?
* How often do you give my dog water? Shade? Rest?
* Is there access to veterinary services in the event of a problem or accident?
* Are you trained in canine first aid or CPR?
* Do you temperament test all dogs in your care?
* Are dogs separated by size, age, temperament? (a small dog recently died while in the care of a local daycare provider as she did not properly separate the dogs in her care)
* How many dogs are in your care?
* How many employees per dog?
* Can I visit unannounced?

Please do not just go by what the prospective provider tells you.

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    • Sangeeta Sinha
    • November 29th, 2010

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