Stay Sit

The handler is out of sight for three minutes.
If your dog well understands when he is being trained and when he is
released from training. Take him to a familiar training area
where there are buildings, trees or bushes you can easily
hide behind. Do not try to hide behind a single tree, a car
or other object which might enable him to see a part of
Go through several exercises he does best to let him
know he is training. Heel him where he can see the corner
or edge of your hiding place. Order him to stay and then
walk briskly and confidently away without a backward
glance. The first several times you should not be out of
sight more than a few moments. When you return, pause
momentarily before praising and repeating the exercises. It
is important that your dog have confidence that you will
return to him. This can be accomplished by being out of
sight for short periods of time at first and gradually
extending the time to three minutes. First, disappear from
his sight at short distances and gradually extend to the
distance of as much as 100 feet.
If your dog breaks from the position to wander off or
look for you, you will need a person to signal you so that
you can take the dog back to the exact same spot and
sternly give him the command to stay again. You may give
him a jerk backward with the training collar to further
emphasize his staying in that position.

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