Dog Training – Boredom

Home Dog Training suggestions to keep your dog entertained and out of mischief.

The Buster Cube (available from most good pet shops):
This award-winning dog toy is a great distraction. Fill the toy with treats and as your dog rolls it around on the ground, the treats fall out from multiple compartments. This motivates your dog to work for his food and keeps his brain active for hours.

Scatter Feeding:
Turn feeding into a game. Scatter a variety of natural foods (such as whole carrots, celery, peas, broccoli, beans, apples etc…) around the yard or garden when you leave. This gives your dog something to forage for as well as some nutritious food to chew on (rather than your furniture). If your dog is fed on dry food you can also scatter some of this around too. Some items (especially raw, meaty bones or dried liver bits) can be hidden in a digging pit, such as a child’s sand pit, or even under bushes. Be careful in summer as wasps are attracted to raw meats left out in the open. If a dog is bitten on the tongue, the tongue could swell causing breathing difficulties.

The Kong:
This durable rubber toy has a hollow center that can be stuffed with delicious treats. Seal the ends with a biscuit to make it harder to get the goodies inside. Fill it with food then freeze it before giving it to your dog to enjoy.

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