Dog Behavior Issues

“Sometimes her dog behavior drives me nuts! Why doesn’t she do what I tell her to do? I don’t know how to figure her out.”

Dog school

The primary behavior issues to be familiar with as you start with training your dog are the Alpha Dog concept and Dog Den Instincts.

The Alpha Dog

Dogs are pack animals, so they either look for a leader or try to be the leader. Every pack needs an Alpha. In a pack, there may be both a male Alpha and a female Alpha.

The first step in any dog training is to establish that the humans are the Alpha’s and that the dog is not the Alpha. This is the first step in any type of dog training. Establish yourself as the Alpha, and everything else gets easier.

See this page for further information on Dog Behavior – Alpha Dog

Dog Den Instincts

Dogs are born with a natural instinct to find and make a den. They are drawn to this primarily for safety, not comfort. It is an instinct because her safety is the driving issue. When a dog finds or makes a den, she then has a place to go that is her highest safety area.

If it also provides her comfort, then she will like it all the better. You fulfill one of your dogs basic instincts by providing her with a den. So do her a favor and get her a den.

See this page for further information on Dog Behavior – Dog Den Instincts

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