Earn It and Learn It

1. Begin simple daily manners by having your puppy sit to have her leash put on, sit before she is served her meal, sit for treats, and sit at doorways before exiting. This will not only promote etiquette but will also get her in the habit of cooperating with you on a daily basis.

2. There are basic skills of sitting, downing, and walking on a leash that your puppy can learn during this stage. Working with you, taking direction, earning rewards, and “learning to enjoy learning” are all accomplished by doing these exercises at this time. Teaching the “Puppy Sit”

3. With your puppy at your left side, place your right hand on the collar and your left hand on your puppy’s rump just above her tail. “Roll” your puppy’s haunches under with a tuck of your left hand. As you’re rolling your puppy’s rump under, gently apply upward and backward pressure with the collar. As you’re placing the puppy into the position, say “SIT.” When the puppy is there, cheerfully say “Good SIT!”

4. Do not push down on your puppy’s pelvis and never use force when teaching SIT! Your puppy’s rump should roll right under her as you slide your hand down and over her tail. If you curl your hand gently under her buttocks while you do this, she will automatically roll her haunches under for you.

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