Bonding With Your Dog

You have always wanted to have a dog in your life and now seems like the perfect time to adopt that special canine. You find yourself looking forward to sharing that special companionship that can only exist between man and his best friend. However, you realize that the puppy you have chosen to bring into your life is going to need time, attention, and love to form the kind of bond with you that your truly want.

Bonding with your dog is a one on one relationship, the more attention, love and respect that you give him the more he will trust you and in return the more he will love and be committed to you. It is very important that your dog trusts you and not fear you. Even training your dog should be done with this in mind. Being firm with a dog is fine, as long as he knows that you mean what you say without being afraid of you. If your dog has an accident it is advisable to take it calmly and not react in a way that makes your dog nervous.

As you get closer to your dog and meet all his needs you will find that your dog has steadier nerves and is more confident about himself. Getting a dog to be confident will make him much more relaxed and he will be more apt to give you attention and do your bidding. Letting your dog know that he is doing the right thing, by telling him that he is a good dog and giving him a treat will encourage him to keep doing the right things. If your dog misbehaves, you should never mistreat him or hit him, instead be firm and tell him `No.’ A dog is who is firmly but lovingly disciplined is both less fearful and more eager to please.

Bonding with your dog does take time and patience, but it will make such a great difference to the kind of relationship you and your dog will have. It will make your dog want to do things that you ask him to do as well as making him more socialized, and more confident. That trust and confidence will show in every interaction between the two.

Most of the times when you see a dog that is completely comfortable and at ease when meeting strange new people or being put in a new situation it is because he has absolute trust and confidence in his owner. He knows that his owner would never place him in danger and therefore, feels more relaxed and confident.

Seeing the loving bond that has formed between a person and his dog is truly amazing. What is even more amazing however, is you yourself sharing that bond with your own dog. The kind of love and trust that can develop between man and his best friend can improve the quality of your life and make living far more enjoyable. It’s an experience like no other.


    • Simran
    • August 16th, 2016

    Contact no. Plzz Mr Prateek

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