Understanding Your Pets Emotions

If have a dog or a cat, there are a number of things that you need to be understanding about when it comes to their emotions. This may sound like an awkward concept; your pets have emotions just like you.

There are many things that we still don’t understand about our pets, but we are beginning to understand just how many emotions our pets actually show. Although they don’t show many emotions like we do, pets can be emotionally complex if you are aware of what everything means. Pets have many different ways of showing their feelings about certain events. One of the ways that pets can show a happy emotion would be if the dog’s ears were perked up. You could also see that a dog was happy if its tail was wagging.

When a dog is angry, there will be a lot of different signs that will show you how the dog is feeling. One of the most important factors that you will be able to see if a dog is mad will be that it will show its teeth to you. This is a defensive pose that it will give if it is either fearful or angry. The dog will usually stiffen all of its muscles, and it will also lower its tail. When the dog lowers its tail, this is technically considered a submissive pose, but it will use it to help its defensive pose look more aggressive. This is just one way that the dog will show that it is both scared and angry with the current situation.

When dogs become sad or depressed, there are many different ways that they choose to show this emotion as well. Sadness and depression can be caused because of many different situations that they dog could be exposed to including: loss of an owner, lack of interaction with an owner, loss of another dog or playmate, tension in its family. This mood can be shown by their unwillingness to play with anyone, and the dogs lying around all over your home. Often times the dogs won’t even perk their ears up when they see someone come in the room which is a sign of depression in a dog. Although dogs can’t cry, this is their own way of showing you how they are feeling inside. These are just a few of the many emotions that dogs have to show you.


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